Essential Oil Diffusers have become a commonplace method of dispersing essential oils in the home or office globally. We have noticed that like oil qualities (which are all over the map) so too have diffuser qualities become a heated subject of much debate.  Continue Reading if you bought an ultrasonic diffuser under the pretence that it would somehow provide a health benefit.  I’m sure you’ll be as shocked as we were!

We decided to investigate deeper into the plethora of diffusers available, seeking out the best.  Following ample investigation, and a literal boatload of underwhelming diffusers… Our investigation delved into the “Science” behind the process and ultimately the “Physics” of what it is that diffusers are seeking to do.

What method of diffusion would constitute the greatest delivery of the aromatic substance we are seeking to disperse airborne?  And within those methods which apparatus actually does the best job without compromising the quality of your essential oils?

Please pay careful attention to the most popular method, while bearing in mind the “why” behind the purchase of these devices.

5 most popular methods of dispersing Essential Oil’s Airborne…

1. Ultrasonic Diffuser

These represent the vast majority of diffusers on the market.  Their process requires that  the essential oil be added to water, at the bottom of which is a vibrating ultrasonic probe, which emits acoustic pressure waves into the mixture that lead to dispersion.  This dispersion is the result of a purely physical process that subjects the oil and water to mechanical forces that “Rupture the organic bonds” between substrate and  particles.  What this means is that those vibrations are enough to destroy the naturally occurring bonds in the organic compound ie. the essential oil and water mixture.  There are 3 problems that exist here…First, we are diluting the expensive oil that we paid extra for to ensure it wasn’t diluted.  Secondly, we are subjecting that expensive, now diluted oil to “vibrations that destroy the organic bonds” which are the very bonds that create the unique biochemical properties that we derive our health benefits from.  Third, and probably the most unknown and problematic, is that MOST (if not all) ultrasonic models are designed using cheap plastic to house the oil and water mixture.  Why is this problematic?  Chemistry provides that answer, Essential Oils should never come in contact with plastic, as they will chemically bond with it (etching) which thereby accelerates the breakdown of the plastic.  So, the newly formed mixture of oil/plastic/water resin that is created will have its own set of properties in line with those of the polymer/crude oil based compound.  Next these devices add insult to injury, by accelerating the process further, through the mechanical vibration produced by the ultrasonic probe, which is further agitating and destroying the bonds in the plastic, and then sending that airborne for us to breath!

“Ultrasonic technology was designed to Destroy the organic and inorganic bonds in all substances that are exposed”

“Ultrasonic Diffusers are marketed as providing health benefits, when they simply cannot”

2. Oil Lamp

Dangerous and not popular for that reason. These burn flammable compounds which give off potentially toxic by-products, to produce the heat they require to breakdown the chemical bonds of the essential oil.  While the aroma they produce is strong, the essential oils emitted through this method don’t contain any of the therapeutic, energetic or vibrational qualities that the pure oil did before it was heated.  Heat, especially high heat breaks the bonds within the essential oil thereby breaking their properties down, denaturing them and destroying their natural resonance.  High heat should be avoided, as it essentially destroys all the benefits and qualities of the essential oils, and the aroma produced is totally different from what it should be. To us it doesn’t make sense to spend the extra money to get essential oils that have been carefully prepared and handled every step of the way, only to be destroyed, denatured, and stripped of any potential to provide health benefits.

3. Candle diffuser

This really doesn’t require further explanation as everything concerning oil lamps applies here, only difference really is the quality/toxic load of the candle you choose to use.

4. Aroma Heater

Candle heaters etc…Lower temperature application but usually much higher on the toxicity scale.  There are a great many chemical compounds used in these to stabilize and preserve the mixture using synthetic compounds and dyes for colouring.  None of which should be heated and breathed in for any reason. A good example is the toxic sludge infused things you can get from “Bath and body works” which, by the way,  is a cleverly contrived way of the chemical companies to use waste by-products, make them smell nice and sell what should never have existed in the first place. But they smell so nice!…lol


This pretty much covers the concept of heating oils to diffuse.  Any and all benefits you would have received from all the hard work that went into “Low temp, Low Pressure, Distillation” goes out the window when you add heat!

So in principle, how much sense does it make to pay extra to avoid High Temperature Extraction, or Solvent Extraction, if you/we just turn around and heat those oils or even worse put them in an ultrasonic diffuser with all its plastic parts which is potentially worse than chemical extraction…it really defeats the purpose.

So the question remains…what do we use to diffuse our oils and preserve their qualities and deliver the inherant health benefits?

We discovered a different process altogether, which involves NO Ultrasonic, NO plastic, uses NO heat, and requires NO dilution in water either… Just pure essential oils, dispersed safely into the air through a process called “Bernoulli’s Principle”. which uses none other than Physics to save the day…I love physics by the way!.

We are thrilled about this find!  It took a great deal of time and research and much investment in product that we tested, but that’s why we’re here, to take the work out of these choices and provide products you can trust!


 5. Nebulizer Diffuser

Our investigation led us to take a closer look at a class of diffuser called a nebulizer, and we also found they are also created far from equal!  Many nebulizing diffusers are plastic and require water to operate and are ultrasonic based, which we discussed previously.  After sifting through literally hundreds of these devices, and examining their components and function, we finally found a Professional Grade Nebulizer Diffuser we were proud to provide!  It’s effectiveness is nothing short of overwhelming!

NO Plastic, NO Water, NO Heat, NO Ultrasonic!

Rain-Drop Diffusing Nebulizer

The air current is forced through a small tube, and thereby the air velocity is increased.  This difference in pressure creates a suction in another small tube where the reservoir of Pure Essential Oils is awaiting to be drawn up into the process.  As the essential oils rise, a stream of pressurized air hits the essential oil and causes it to atomize into airborne particles that fill the reservoir.

These tiny particles fill the reservoir to overflowing, and are emitted out of the top glass cap.  Those oils that aren’t emitted out will gather on the inner surface of the reservoir and runoff back to the bottom where they are reintroduced into the process, until of course all the oils are used up.

This process is much more powerful than any other known process of dispersion of essential oils.  When you are breathing in the powerful aroma that is produced by this process you are breathing in the pure essential oil, unaltered or modified.

*Be certain you are using essential oils of the highest quality, when using this nebulizer, it is powerful!! You deserve the best, and especially the benefits that the high quality oils you use offer.

“I was running it for a couple minutes after my unboxing, and let me tell you I was amazed, and so were my eyes, as they were watering!”

So thrilled about this find.  It’s took a lot of time and investigation, and much investment in products that were underwhelming, but that’s why we’re here, to take the work out of these choices, provide products you can trust

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To accompany your new “Rain-drop Dispersion Device”

Stay tuned for our paper on transforming the atmosphere in which you / your family / your practice is contained.  Why not have the atmosphere’s where you spend the most of your time be uplifting and healing, uplift your atmosphere peace be with you.