12 months, 12 Blends, 12 Meridians – The 4 seasons, together represent a complete 12 month cycle of the year.

There are 4 forces, in operation at all times with the seasons (Water, Air, Earth, Fire).  These forces operate in the same order under all conditions in all creative cycles big and small.

Realigning with these forces will result in wonderful shifts in your perception of the world.

All around us Seasons and Forces exist in co-operation.  Living life, in alignment with these are an often ignored aspect of health and healing.  When ignored they have a negative impact on our sense of well-being, it can feel like swimming up-river.  Our actions should take into consideration the right timing with respect to the Earth’s natural Seasons and Forces.  Aligning with them, will aid in our bodies natural energetic balance and therefore we feel more in tune with life.

It has long been recognized in Chinese Medicine, that reconnecting individuals with the timing and natural flow of the Seasons and Forces can restore and prevent any loss of health.

We at ætheric essentials believe whole-heartedly in this truth, which is why our Resonant Blends will assist you in re-connecting with these seasons and forces in your daily life.  Within each Season there is a Force that is in focus, and within each Force there are 3 blends that complement your re-alignment with the source.

We at ætheric essentials took into consideration the Seasons and Forces during the creation of these amazing blends.  They are designed as a perfect way for you to release stored emotions that would interfere with your creative endeavors.

“Realign with the Seasons and Forces of Mother Earth, and you will come to know a new emotional freedom!”