Abiding by strict adherence to the principles outlined below, we leveraged several to enhance the expression of innate force using organic and inorganic matter.

The plants native to this earth are the manufacturing agency, that uniquely adheres to the below principles through the creation of the essential oils inherent within the plant, thus providing it with the expression of said intelligence maintaining it in existence.  This is why, the most beneficial, therapeutic, resonant of oil quality is a MUST.  Using anything less, abhorrent, chemically altered, bastardized, would defeat the purpose of  “Aetheric Essentials’ existence.

The maintenance of nature operates providing each plant with unique characteristics of expression.  These unique characteristics provide the plant with its beauty, and adaptive qualities natural to its sustainability in the environment to which it is native.

These properties have been influenced adaptively over millennia, in response to the Universal Force which is always in operation and influencing matter, which is EXACTLY why we source the oils for extraction from their native environment. Their native environment contains influences unique to the surround through which the Universal Force operates.  This is a major contributing factor to each plants unique MAJESTY and inherent properties.

The Universal Forces which are manifested by physical laws; are unwavering and unadapted, and have no solicitude for the structures in which they work.  The function of matter is to express force, Universal Life Force is manifested by motion in matter; all matter has motion, therefore there is universal life in all matter.  Universal Intelligence gives force to both organic and inorganic matter.  The function of Innate Intelligence is to adapt universal forces and matter for use in the body, so that all parts of the body will have co-ordinated action for mutual benefit.  

The High Resonant Frequency of the 12 Resonant Blends, provides force which innate expresses intelligently with precise reliable consistency.  The co-ordinated action of absorption and inhalation, provides the matter of your body with force that is intelligently applied where the need is greatest!  Bioenergetic Testing prior to application ensures that the right force is provided at the right time and location.  However as described in the principles outlined below, which outline our philosophy and the reason for the 12 Resonant Blends creation, “The Function of Innate Intelligence The function of Innate Intelligence is to adapt universal forces and matter for use in the body, so that all parts of the body will have co-ordinated action for mutual benefit.

What does this mean for you?  As a natural Healthcare practitioner you are always (aware or not) seeking to provide force for innate intelligence to use intelligently for the highest and finest 100% expression of matter.  This Innate Force has been referred to by a great many names (soul, energetics, universal intelligence, God, etc…) regardless of the name used, there is ample evidence contained everywhere we look of its manifest operation.  If we align with this force for creative purposes, free and clear of oppositional or destructive forces then the INNATE FORCE will be free to transmit and act within the limits of matter and express 100%

To Human Beings, such expression is referred to as happiness, elation, tranquility, freedom from dis-ease.  Dis-ease is a topic of many considerations, but from an innate intelligence perspective, (Which is why its literally referred to as DIS – hyphen – EASE) is because suboptimal expression, or expression that suffers loss in transmission due to interference, in the nervous system.  This interference is manifest as “Sub-Lux-ation” or better termed “Less-Light-Transmission” and its source can manifest from physical, mental, emotional, or even spiritual interruption (more on this a little later) The interference manifests in the organ systems, which if operating Hypo-OR-Hyper actively, will set off a cascade of events intelligently to seek to retain balance within the system.  The symptoms that emerge as a result of this rebalancing are quite simply the body letting you know something is awry.

How else would you have it be?

People in their less than optimal state, then identify with the symptom at the level of its expression, thereby lowering their facility for influence to the level of the problem.  The problem, whatever it might be would more than happy to simply pass away,  if let go of, through the provision of force that innate intelligence can use to expel the discordant pattern.

Because the “higher levels permeate the lower levels but the lower levels cannot permeate the higher” (this makes reference to frequency or vibration, which literally everything in existence is); the human-body facilitates 3 ranges of Being.  Spiritual Innate Expression, being most refined, moving downward through the mental /emotional range, into the physical realm which is most coarse(lowest vibration and hence why high vibration frequencies pass through our bodies unaware). the point of greatest leverage in the uniquely designed human facility is via the channel of Innate Expression, for anything provided at this level has Influence and Majesty over the lower levels.

The provision of highly energetic substances, like the 12 Resonant Blends, for example, would be used to the greatest advantage by the Innate Life Force.

Innate Life Force, is the most intelligent facility we possess, by and through letting innate have its perfect way, we can overcome and rise above any challenge.  For Universal Intelligence is inherently the highest and finest form of intelligence, unto which the mind of man can barely comprehend.  This facility,  when aligned with, can flow freely through the mind of man, as it was designed to be.  This unimpeded flow has often been referred to as genius.

Genius is open and available to any and all who would but express it unimpeded.

CLINICAL NOTE: what we have found and collected through the clinics that use the 12 Resonant Blends, there is a two-fold benefit.  The airborne dispersion of the 12 Resonant Blends creates a highly energetic atmosphere, which has been referred to as a healing surround.  Patients when welcomed into this healing surround are immediately influenced, and the sorting begins.  The most visible result is seen through parasympathetic stimulation, the mental / emotional facility is caused to calm.  This stillness provides a unique opportunity to the healthcare practitioner, for a relaxed nervous system provides an OPENING UP of the nervous system, this welcomed  opportunity allows the practitioner to provide their unique healing force to be input unimpeded.

This is where the healthcare practitioner needs to gain the experience with respect to timing, however we have found that “Clearing” the nervous system first, to be most advantageous to the patient, followed by the ERT.

Chronically Resistant patterns are no match for the 12 Resonant Blends, therefore if they are present and interfering with clearing of the nervous system, perform the ERT first, which will remove patterns of resistance, then the force of the adjustment will be received and used to the highest advantage.  Following the clearing, it is wise to retest, and implement the 12 Resonant Blend being called for.

Aetheric Essentials was created for one purpose, to uplift and assist mankind and those we serve to rise above the level sickness, suffering and dis-ease.  Clinically, the evidence suggests that the 12 Resonant Blends each having been hand crafted and attenuated to perfectly match the natural resonance of the meridian system to which they are each associated, has proven more powerful and effective than we could have hoped!  We at Aetheric Essentials along with the practitioners that have been with us since our inception have been working diligently to document and simplify the technique and their use, and look forward to sharing with all of you our 30+ clinical trials, once all the data has been analyzed.

In the meantime, we have expanded our scope of application through adding our products to BioFeedback devices, which many practitioners use.  Our products are now available for testing and confirmation on EAV screening devices.  For those of you who use this equipment we encourage you to take before and after screenshots of the testing when using the 12 Resonant Blends to balance the bio-energetics of your patients, the more data we collect the more benefit to all!  A special thanks to all the practitioners who have done this and contributed to our success, we look forward to assisting you and your people in the future!

A special thanks to all our principled chiropractors and practitioners who work  diligently to allow the vision of a “restored body of humanity” manifest.

Love to you all. and below a special treat and point of reference/refresher.  I’m sure you will all find wondrous new applications for the vision inherently contained within the below outlined principles.  As you read through them I encourage you to see beyond the words and experience the spirit behind them.

1. The Major Premise – A Universal Intelligence is in all matter and continually gives to it all its properties

and actions, thus maintaining it in existence.

2. The Chiropractic Meaning of Life – The expression of this intelligence through matter is the

Chiropractic meaning of life.

3. The Union of Intelligence and Matter – Life is necessarily the union of intelligence and matter.

4. The Triune of Life – Life is a triunity having three necessary united factors, namely: Intelligence, Force

and Matter.

5. The Perfection of the Triune – In order to have 100% Life, there must be 100% Intelligence, 100% Force,

100% Matter.

6. The Principle of Time – There is no process that does not require time.

7. The Amount of Intelligence in Matter – The amount of intelligence for any given amount of matter is

100%, and is always proportional to its requirements.

8. The Function of Intelligence – The function of intelligence is to create force.

9. The Amount of Force Created by Intelligence – The amount of force created by intelligence is always


10. The Function of Force – The function of force is to unite intelligence and matter.

11. The Character of Universal Forces – The forces of Universal Intelligence are manifested by physical

laws; are unswerving and unadapted, and have no solicitude for the structures in which they work.

12. Interference with Transmission of Universal Forces – There can be interference with transmission

of universal forces.

13. The Function of Matter – The function of matter is to express force.

14. Universal Life – Force is manifested by motion in matter; all matter has motion, therefore there is

universal life in all matter.

15. No Motion without the Effort of Force – Matter can have no motion without the application of force by


16. Intelligence in both Organic and Inorganic Matter – Universal Intelligence gives force to both

organic and inorganic matter.

17. Cause and Effect – Every effect has a cause and every cause has effects.

18. Evidence of Life – The signs of life are evidence of the intelligence of life.

19. Organic Matter – The material of the body of a “living thing” is organized matter.

20. Innate Intelligence – A “living thing” has an inborn intelligence within its body, called Innate


21. The Mission of Innate Intelligence – The mission of Innate Intelligence is to maintain the material of

the body of a “living thing” in active organization.

22. The Amount of Innate intelligence – There is 100% of Innate Intelligence in every “living thing,” the

requisite amount, proportional to its organization.

23. The Function of Innate Intelligence – The function of Innate Intelligence is to adapt universal forces

and matter for use in the body, so that all parts of the body will have co-ordinated action for mutual benefit.

24. The Limits of Adaptation – Innate Intelligence adapts forces and matter for the body as long as it can do

so without breaking a universal law, or Innate Intelligence is limited by the limitations of matter.

25. The Character of Innate Forces – The forces of Innate Intelligence never injure or destroy the

structures in which they work.

26. Comparison of Universal and Innate Forces – In order to carry on the universal cycle of life,

Universal forces are destructive, and Innate forces constructive, as regards structural matter.

27. The Normality of Innate Intelligence – Innate Intelligence is always normal and its function is always


28. The Conductors of Innate Forces – The forces of Innate Intelligence operate through or over the nerve

system in animal bodies.

29. Interference with Transmission of Innate Forces – There can be interference with the transmission

of Innate forces.

30. The Causes of Dis-ease – Interference with the transmission of Innate forces causes incoordination or


31. Subluxations – Interference with transmission in the body is always directly or indirectly due to

subluxations in the spinal column.

32. The Principle of Coordination – Coordination is the principle of harmonious action of all the parts of an

organism, in fulfilling their offices and purposes.

33. The Law of Demand and Supply – The Law of Demand and Supply is existent in the body in its ideal

state; wherein the “clearing house,” is the brain, Innate the virtuous “banker,” brain cells “clerks,” and nerve cells “messengers.”

Ralph W. Stephenson, DC published a book in 1927 called

simply, “Chiropractic Textbook”.