There have been a few excellent companies that attempted to create essential oil blends that would balance the meridians. 

Unfortunately for many reasons they were unsuccessful.  Quality essential oils are the key ingredient. We have found the best of the best essential oils.

I bioenergetically tested each oil to find the oils needed to create a specific blend that would raise the vibratory rate of each of the 12 meridian fields.  We then tested for the quantity for each oil contained within each specific blend.

Then the overall blend was finally hand-crafted by a highly qualified aroma therapist with over 20 years of experience.  The end result was the emergence of the powerful series of blends we call the “Twelve Resonant Blends”

Finally the 12 resonant blends were again bio-energetically tested for perfection, in a clinical setting and we were amazed by the results!

The hand-crafted, organically sourced, powerful series known as the “12 Resonant Blends” 

Next we gave each resonant blend an aetheric expression.  These expressions orient their user to a high vibrational spiritually oriented word, which allows for the participant to engage more completely in their balancing of the meridian fields through a SPECIAL affirmation that comes to them from within.  The use of this affirmation is of the utmost importance and will be explained in the application section for the 12 resonant blends.

12 Resonant Blends 12 Aetheric Expressions
Heart Accordance
Small Intestine Connection
Urinary Bladder Absolution
Kidney Harmony
Heart Protector Tranquility
Tripple Burner Radiance
Gallbladder Agreement
Liver Longevity
Lung Unification
Large Intestine Discernment
Stomach Exhilaration
Spleen Resilience

Here is an example of an affirmation for Small Intestine using the aetheric expression – Connection

“I am deeply, richly connected to everything that lives, physical, spiritual and divine.”