Sweet Almond | Carrier Oil [Certified Organic] 100ml

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  • Protein / Nutrient Rich
  • Nourishing for all skin types
  • Best for soothing sensitive or irritated skin

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All about our Sweet Almond Carrier Oil

Sweet Almond, soothes mucous membranes as well as softens and nurtures the skin.  It is widely used in the beauty industry for its restorative qualities.

Sweet Almond oil is extracted from the nuts of the almond tree and is one of the most widely used carrier oils.

Consists mainly of oleic acid, 25% essential unsaturated fatty acids 0.5%-1.0% sterolins and about 10IU Vitamin E per ounce.

An excellent lubricant rich in protein and very nourishing, Sweet Almond oil can be used for all skin types, but is best suited for sensitive and irritated skin.

It is known for its mildness and imparts a soft feel to creams & lotions. Commonly used as a massage oil.

This all natural, certified organic oil works well to both nourish and deliver as a carrier oil, that allows for deeper penetration of Essential Oils into the tissues, onto which it is applied.



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