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Rosemary Verbenone Essential Oil [Certified Organic]

From: $5.56 CAD

From: $5.56 CAD


  • Relieves muscle and joint aches and pains
  • Enhances memory and concentration
  • Revives and brightens dull skin
  • Aids hair restoration

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Why to choose our Spanish Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary Verbenone essential oil is full-bodied, warm and vibrant, evoking a sense of enthusiasm and vitality. Rosemary essential oil bolsters your self-confidence and energizes you to act rather than react.

Our rosemary essential oil is gently steam distilled from the leaves of this iconic Mediterranean herb, producing a pure, undiluted oil. Rosemary verbenone is softer and more gentle than standard rosemary, making it ideal for both home and professional use. Our Certified Organic rosemary verbenone oil contains no pesticides, herbicides or artificial chemicals.

Use this rosemary essential oil in your home, at work, in your aromatherapy clinic, or in home-made health and beauty products.

Our rosemary verbenone oil is a remarkably versatile essential oil for both professional therapists and home users alike. More gentle than standard rosemary oils, rosemary verbenone is soft and calming, soothing tired muscles whilst also energizing the mind.

Inhaling a few drops can help boost short-term memory during exams or heavy mental workloads.

Use rosemary essential oil to:

  • Enliven and move Qi
  • Invigorate muscles
  • Ease joint aches and pains
  • Ease fatigue
  • Improve short-term memory
  • Boost concentration
  • Relieve symptoms of neuralgia
  • Boost poor circulation

Our rosemary verbenone essential oil is used in the following Aetheric Essentials Resonant Blends:

12 • Spleen Meridian – Resilience


Scientific Name: Rosmarinus officinalis

Source / Origin: Spain

Plant Family: Lamiaceae (Labiatie)

Plant Part Used: Herb/Flowering Tops & Leaves

Extraction Method: Steam Distillation


Pure Wild Crafted / Certified Organic

Zero 0% Chemical / Pesticide / Herbicide

Undiluted & Concentrated


Main Constituents: Pinenes, camphene, limonene, cineol, borneol with camphor, linalol, terpineol, octanone.

Safety precautions: External use only.  May cause skin irritation, apply skin test prior to use and always dilute sufficiently. Avoid use during pregnancy.

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