Rain-Drop Essential Oil Nebulizer Diffuser

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  • “Professional Grade” Uses Only Pure Essential Oils
  • No heat, No water, No ultrasonic, No plastic
  • Wood and Glass Only
  • Easy to clean

In stock (can be backordered)



Probably the most effective diffuser in the World!

The Rain-Drop essential oil nebulizer has been specifically designed for use with pure essential oils. This stylish cold vapour diffuser uses just pressurized air flow:

  • NO heating which breaks down essential oils
  • NO water to dilute oils or make them sticky
  • NO ultrasonic waves that negate the therapeutic benefits

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Learn why the Rain-Drop Nebulizing diffuser is the most effective diffuser on the market. CLICK HERE

The most effective nebulizing essential oil diffuser you’ll find!

Elegant, efficient and whisper-quiet, the Rain-Drop essential oil nebulizer is perfect for use in your home, aromatherapy practice, spa reception, and health and wellness treatments.

This professional grade, unique hand-blown glass chamber naturally diffuses pure essential oils without using heat, water or ultrasonic waves. So you enjoy a rich aroma that retains all the therapeutic benefits of your essential oils, pure and undiluted.

Set on a base of turned beechwood, and with a discreet ‘volume’ knob to adjust the intensity of the aroma, this hand-crafted Rain-Drop essential oils nebulizer will be a talking point for your friends and clients alike!

  • Pure essential oil diffusion – no heat, water, or plastics
  • Easily fills a room 30ft x 30ft with subtle aroma
  • Whisper-quiet with plug-in power for any electrical outlet, comes with AC (110/220v) adapter for North American Market.
  • Intermittent on/off cycle (Ten mins on/Twenty mins off, shuts down after 2 hrs.)
  • Easy to clean with just a little rubbing alcohol

How your Rain-Drop essential oils nebulizer works

The unique Bernoulli glass nozzle contains micro-tubes that draw up the essential oil into the reservoir. The whisper-quiet air pump then gently wafts the oil upwards into the hand-made glass reservoir. Here it mixes with clean air and rises up and out of the nebulizing glass cap. This innovative cap further improves the performance of your nebulizer, ensuring the maximum benefits for the minimum of oil.

No plastic = pure essential oil aroma

Some cheaper essential oil diffusers and nebulizers are made using plastics. Over time, exposure to essential oils will break down these plastics, releasing potentially harmful carcinogenic particles into the oils. It’s also really hard to clean essential oils from plastics!

The Rain-Drop essential oil cold air nebulizer is made from wood and glass, so no essential oil comes into contact with any plastic. The hand-blown glass is inert, so it is not affected by essential oils and in turn the oils are not affected in any way by the glass. So the aroma produced is as pure and therapeutic as the original oil itself.

Adjustable aroma intensity

The turned wooden base of your Rain-Drop aromatherapy diffuser contains a single metal knob, which adjusts the intensity of the aroma. Turn it down for a gentle aroma for everyday, or ‘turn up the volume’ for a more intense aroma suitable for therapeutic uses. We’ve found that the upper levels of rich aroma intensity ensures effective “Meridian Balancing” with our 12 Resonant Blends.

Efficient and cost-effective for everyday use

The Rain-Drop nebulizer is highly efficient, gently filling a space up to 30x30ft with rich aroma from just a few drops of essential oils. This well-designed nebulizer also operates on a 10 mins on 10 mins off cycle, allowing the aroma to naturally dispense in the room for 10 minutes before gently refreshing the scent. The Rain-Drop nebulizer will shut down after 3 hours of use. So, you can ‘set it and forget it’ during a therapy session or whilst you work! What’s more, the innovative glass nebulizing cap increases efficiency of oil use, and the low power consumption keeping running costs to an absolute minimum.

Your Rain-Drop nebulizer and our 12 Resonant Blends

This essential oil nebulizer is ideal for use with our 12 Resonant Blends. The adjustable aroma levels ensure you can enjoy one of our blends to enhance your room atmosphere at a lower level, or be effective for meridian balancing and other therapeutic uses at a higher level. Needless to say, the Rain-Drop nebulizer is our essential oil diffuser of choice, and we use it everyday at home, in the office and in our chiropractic and holistic therapy clinics.

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Learn why the Rain-Drop Nebulizing diffuser is the most effective diffuser on the market. CLICK HERE

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1 review for Rain-Drop Essential Oil Nebulizer Diffuser

  1. Dr. Elizabeth Franqui

    We use a diffuser with essential oils in our practice daily. We have gone through several different diffusers over the years. This one has, by far, been the best one we have used in our office. We love the fact that it is made of glass, not plastic, and that the oils are kept pure and not diluted with water. It is easy to use and clean. The result is an office with a healthy, fragrant atmosphere. I highly recommend this wonderful diffuser!

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