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12 Resonant Blends Kit | All Twelve [Resonant Blend] | Meridian Balancing

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  • Restore balance to the meridians & associated organ systems
  • Release stored unwanted negative emotions
  • Support health, well-being, and healing
  • Use with Rain-Drop Nebulizer Diffuser and Uplift your Atmosphere

In stock

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12 Resonant Blends Kit includes: 

1 – Heart Meridian / Accordance 10ml

2 – Small Intestine Meridian / Connection 10ml

3 – Urinary Bladder Meridian / Absolution 10ml

4 – Kidney Meridian / Harmony 10ml

5 – Heart Protector Meridian / Tranquility 10ml

6 – Triple Burner Meridian / Radiance 10ml

7 – Gallbladder Meridian / Agreement 10ml

8 – Liver Meridian / Longevity 10ml

9 – Lung Meridian / Unification 10ml

10 – Large Intestine Meridian / Discernment 10ml

11 – Stomach Meridian / Exhilaration 10ml

12 – Spleen Meridian / Resilience 10ml

  • Handmade Aromatic Cedar Box (L-9 inches, W-4.5 inches, H-3.5 Inches) 

  • Quick Reference Guide for testing which is affixed on the inside of the removable lid.

All about our Unique Essential Oil Blend Series,

The 12 Resonant Blends

Our Proprietary “12 Resonant Blends” are Pure, Handcrafted, Bio-Energetically Balanced, *Neat* Essential Oil Blends Designed to:

  1. Restore balance to the Meridians and their associated organs contained within
  2. Release stored unwanted negative emotions
  3. Support health, well-being, and healing and…Smell Fantastic while you do it!

There are 12 principal paired meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which are directly associated with the internal organs of the body.  These 12 paired meridians serve as life energy (Qi) distribution pathways throughout the body delivering life energy to the physical tissue as well as providing 2 way mental / emotional communication to and from the consciousness of the individual.  TCM holds true that certain organs are related to emotional activities, i.e. the lungs to anxiety, kidneys to fear, liver to anger; and these emotions are considered the major causes of disease.  Excess mental / emotional discord can interfere and create blockages in these meridians and over time (sometimes quite rapidly), manifest as physical issues.

It is universally agreed upon amidst healthcare practitioners, that the most problematic component of health and healing exists in the mental / emotional state of the individual they are trying to help.

The Question???    How can we release these stored, harmful, negative emotions from the body, mind, and heart of those we serve?

The answer…   Was discovered through integrating the art, science and philosophy of Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology, Bio-energetic Medicine, TCM/acupuncture, and Aromatherapy. Countless clinical hours with result driven purpose went into the testing and tweaking of each individual formulation until perfect attenuation of the blend and its associated meridian were achieved.  The results of these collective efforts gave rise to the 12 Resonant Blends, designed specifically to restore the 12 primary meridians back to their natural resonance.

Aroma Profiles

The 12 Resonant Blends fulfill a broad range of the worlds finest essential oils from the most remote locations.  Each blend is carefully handcrafted in small batches and bio-energetically tested for balanced perfection.

The results are blends that can be enjoyed by all for a number of purposes, the primary intent of each of the blends is to restore energetic resonance to the meridian system for which it is associated.

Emotional Indication for Use:

Each of the 12 Resonant Blends are designed to effectively influence the negative energies stored within each of the Meridians.  These negative energies manifest as emotional imbalance, and each of the Meridians house a different manifest form of those negative emotions.  All 12 of the Resonant Blends stimulate Parasympathetic Response, which calms the nervous system of the person exposed. (See each of the individual blends for specific emotions addressed, which as a result of  Meridian Balancing will be cleared out)

Use for bio-energetic and meridian balancing, emotional release, and creating an atmosphere of calm in your practice, clinic, or home. For more detailed instructions for use, see our:

About the Aetheric Essentials Resonant Blends

Our proprietary “12 Resonant Blends” are 100% pure, handcrafted and bio-energetically balanced. They are specifically designed for use with aromatherapy, chiropractic, naturopathic medicine, TCM, massage therapy emotional release technique, and all types of holistic therapies.

Each Aetheric Essentials Resonant Blend is designed to:

  • Restore balance to a specific meridian and the associated organ systems contained within
  • Release stored unwanted negative emotions
  • Support health, well-being, and healing

What our Resonant Blends Contain

Our essential oil blends contain only pure essential oils, with no fillers, additives, extenders, diluting agents, or carrier oils.

Each oil is carefully sourced from the naturally occurring origin of each plant.  We ensure they are responsibly cultivated thus providing sustainability. We only purchase from legacy growers and new farmers who love what they do. All our producers are committed to practices that ensure the “Precious Oils” retain the qualities found in their most natural state.

Pure and Concentrated Essential Oils

Our oils are all highly concentrated, producing a more superior oil. Our steam distilled essential oils are carefully extracted using low temperature and low-pressure distillation. Our producers also use cold pressing and the ancient practice of Enfleurage to ensure every drop of oil retains all the benefits and properties the plant affords.

Our sources are required to test and provide us with only the extraordinary EO Profile oils. Upon receipt of the oils, we retest to confirm what we provide is of exceptional quality. Anything less is returned.

More Details

Learn more about the True Purpose of the 12 Resonant Blends Here

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Bottle Size

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Rain-Drop Nebulizer

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Aromatic Cedar Box

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