8 – Liver Meridian | Longevity [Resonant Blend]

From: $20.28 CAD

From: $20.28 CAD

Resonant Blend #8 Liver Meridian – Longevity

Our proprietary neat essential oil blend designed to correct energetic imbalance’s within the Liver Meridian which contains: Bergamot, Pink Grapefruit, and Roman Chamomile.

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All about our Essential Oils Resonant Blend #8 Liver Meridian – Longevity

Daily Meridian Peak: 1AM – 3AM

This Resonant Blend #8 is specifically designed to cool, harmonize, and sedate the liver fire.

Once balanced there is an overwhelming sense of restored perspective, accompanied by free and easy movement from one task to the next.

Playful creativity also returns as a result.

Emotional Indication for Use: 

This Resonant Blend is designed to release frustration, agitation, and the nervous-anxious feelings associated with Anger.

 Aroma Profile

The citrus background is uniquely combined with the bitter sweetness of pink grapefruit, grounded by Roman chamomile’s healing aroma. A soothing fragrance.

Personal and Clinical Applications:

Use for bio-energetic and meridian balancing, emotional release, and creating an atmosphere of fresh perspective in your practice, clinic, or home. For more detailed instructions for use, see our:

Testing and Ingredients

Our Resonant Blend #8 is fully bio-energetically tested for effectiveness and quality. It is hand-crafted by blending three pure essential oils:

Bergamot (Italy) Expressive, cooling, relaxing and harmonizing. Useful in gentle resolution of unexpressed anger. Aids in changing one’s attitude to gain altitude. Releases mental stagnation to allow for constructive problem solving.

Pink Grapefruit (USA) Cooling, regulating, and clarifying, Grapefruit essential oil aids in the release of tendencies toward guilt and self-condemnation that lead to over indulgence. The combination of bitter and sweetness helps to assuage the tendency to over-indulge out of need for comfort. Also a lymphatic decongestant.

Roman Chamomile (Italy) Soothing and calming, Useful for those seeking to “Let go” and relax into the current of life. Chamomile provides feelings of being satisfied and at rest. This essential oil has an overall relaxing effect on the heart, and also has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.

About the Aetheric Essentials Resonant Blends:

Our exclusive Resonant Blends are designed for practitioner and personal use in:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Chiropractic
  • Naturopathic medicine
  • TCM
  • Emotional release technique
  • All types of holistic therapies

All our essential oils are 100% pure, handcrafted and bio-energetically balanced. In addition, our Aetheric Essentials Resonant Blends are designed to:

  • Restore balance to a specific meridian and the associated organ systems contained within
  • Release stored unwanted negative emotions
  • Support health, well-being, and healing

What our Resonant Blends Contain

We purchase our single essential oils from both established and innovative producers. All our producers are committed to practices that ensure the “Precious Oils” retain the qualities found in their most natural state.

Each oil is carefully sourced from the naturally occurring origin of each plant.  We ensure they are responsibly cultivated thus providing sustainability.

Our essential oil blends contain only pure essential oils, with no fillers, additives, extenders, diluting agents, or carrier oils.

Pure and Concentrated Essential Oils

Our oils are all highly concentrated, producing a more superior oil.

  • Our steam distilled essential oils are carefully extracted using low temperature and low-pressure distillation.
  • Our cold pressed oils and those produced through Enfleurage ensure every drop of oil retains all the benefits and properties the plant affords.

Upon receipt of the oils we test to confirm what we provide is only of exceptional quality.  Anything oil that does not meet the level of an extraordinary EO Profile is returned.

More Details

Learn more about the Aetheric Essentials Resonant Blends.

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