4 – Kidney Meridian | Harmony [Resonant Blend]

From: $12.00 CAD

From: $12.00 CAD

Resonant Blend #4 Kidney Meridian – Harmony

Our proprietary neat essential oil blend designed to correct energetic imbalance’s within the Kidney Meridian which contains: Atlas & Virginian Cedar-wood, Cinnamon Leaf, Ginger, and Scots Pine.



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All about our Essential Oils Resonant Blend #4 Kidney Meridian – Harmony

Daily Meridian Peak: 5PM – 7PM

This Aethetic Essentials Resonant Blend is designed specifically to restore the spirit of the single eye. Balancing this Meridian also restores the energetics of the adrenal glands. Experience restored purpose backed by the resolve and strength to not falter.

“Hold fast what is true”

Emotional indication for use: 

This Resonant Blend is designed to release the insecurity, instability, and lack of trust which stem from fearfulness.

Aroma Profile

A harmonious synergy fragrance, with the base of cinnamon, Atlas cedarwood and Virginia cedarwood provides a foundational aroma. This is topped off with a twist of pine and ginger for an intoxicating aroma you can’t put down!

Personal and Clinical Applications:

Use for bio-energetic and meridian balancing, emotional release, and creating an atmosphere of harmony in your practice, clinic, or home. For more detailed instructions for use, see our:

Testing and Ingredients

Our Resonant Blend #4 is fully bioenergetically tested for effectiveness and quality. It is hand-crafted by blending 5 pure essential oils:

Cedarwood Atlas (Morocco) Warming, soothing, calming, and grounding. Cedar wood provides solid support, enabling one to remain centered in one place, backed by spiritual strength. It helps us to hold steady and remain firm in our action.

Cedarwood Virginia (U.S.A.) Warming, soothing, calming and grounding. Properties as per Atlas Cedarwood.

Cinnamon Leaf (Ceylon) Very warm and stimulating, providing a restored feeling of balance, and heightened senses.

Ginger (Sri-Lanka) Stimulating and very warming. Ginger activates our drive and zeal for life. It is useful for restoring sexual energy and has a balancing effect.

Scots Pine (Hungary) Warm and fresh, pine provides a harmonizing effect through dispersing negativity. Pine re-establishes one’s boundaries and uplifts one to new heights in perspective.

About the Aetheric Essentials Resonant Blends

All 12 Aetheric Essentials Resonant Blends are 100% pure, handcrafted and bio-energetically balanced. Our Blends are created for use in all kinds of therapies, including aromatherapy, chiropractic, naturopathic medicine, TCM, emotional release technique, and all types of holistic therapies.

Each individual essential oil Resonant Blend is designed to:

  • Restore balance to a specific meridian and the associated organ systems contained within
  • Release stored unwanted negative emotions
  • Support health, well-being, and healing

What our Resonant Blends Contain

We use only pure essential oils in our essential oil blends. We don’t use any fillers, additives, extenders, diluting agents, or carrier oils.

Each oil is carefully sourced from the original wild species of plant, not from commercial cultivars. Top protect the wild population, we always check plant materials are responsibly cultivated with sustainability in mind. We only purchase from established growers, or new producers who share our passion for quality.

Pure and Concentrated Essential Oils

Our producers use a variety of methods to create 100% pure essential oils, including:

  • Steam distillation using low temperature and low-pressure
  • Cold pressing
  • Traditional ‘enfleurage’

This ensures that all our essential oils locks in all the benefits and properties the plant affords.

We require our producers to test and provide us with only the extraordinary EO Profile oils. We then retest on receipt to confirm each oil’s exceptional quality. Any essential oil not up to our high standards is returned.

More details

Learn more about the Aetheric Essentials Resonant Blends.

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