There is an amazing healing capacity within us that seeks to maintain harmony, balance, and perfect function while adapting to any everyday stress.

One example is mental/emotional stress.  Everyday mental stress causes disturbed emotions to run high. In order to control brain overload (extreme cognitive dissonance) those unwanted emotions are released from the brain and are stored within the collective cells of a particular organ.  The emotion and its frequency level will determine what organ will receive this disturbing emotion in order to save the whole.  For example, anger is stored within the liver, fear in the kidneys, and so on.

These magnificent blends when applied in the appropriate manner may help to release many unwanted emotions within you.

It is best to seek professional help from a healthcare practitioner; one who knows how to determine which meridian is out of balance and which organ has been weakened because of stored emotions.  They will perform our highly effective emotional release technique, one that will help you to release interfering emotions so that you may express your true radiant self.

If you are unable to seek professional help, you may implement the following application to release interfering emotions, and balance your meridians in relationship to the cycles of our bodies and the seasons of the earth.

The Earth’s Seasons and Forces

12 Months, 12 Blends, 12 Meridians

The 4 seasons, together represent a complete 12 month cycle of the year.

There are 4 forces, in operation at all times with the seasons (Water, Air, Earth, Fire).  These forces operate in the same order under all conditions in all creative cycles big and small.

Realigning with these forces will result in wonderful shifts in your perception of the world.

All around us Seasons and Forces exist in co-operation.  Living life, in alignment with these are an ignored aspect of health and healing.  When ignored they have a negative impact on our sense of well-being, it can feel like swimming up-river.  Our actions should take into consideration the right timing with respect to the Earth’s natural Seasons and Forces.  Aligning with them, will aid in our bodies natural energetic balance and therefore we feel more in tune with life.

It has long been recognized in Chinese Medicine, that reconnecting individuals with the timing and natural flow of the Seasons and Forces can restore and prevent any loss of health.

We at ætheric essentials believe whole-heartedly in this truth, which is why our Resonant Blendswill assist you in re-connecting with these seasons and forces in your daily life.  Within each Season there is a Force that is in focus, and within each Force there are 3 blends that complement your re-alignment with the source.

We at ætheric essentialstook into consideration the Seasons and Forces during the creation of these amazing blends.  They are designed as a perfect way for you to release stored emotions that would interfere with your creative endeavors.

“Realign with the Seasons and Forces of Mother Earth, and you will come to know a new emotional freedom!”

The selection process (Choosing your blend)

Take out the 3 blends that correlate with the season.

Open one and take a deep inhalation, slowly through your nose, hold for 3 seconds and then slowly breathe out through your mouth.

Wait a moment then move to the second blend and repeat inhalation process.

After you have done this for all three, choose the one that resonates with you most.

There is no wrong answer.

Use this blend by following the personal application found below for 1 month.

After the first month, open the remaining 2 blends and repeat the selection procedure. Choose the one that now resonates with you. Then follow the patient homework with this blend for the second month. Then use the third blend for the third month.

Repeat the above process for the next season and correlating oils.

Using the 12 resonant blends in this manner will ensure that your bio-energetic meridian fields about you are in a continual state of re-balancing.  Take note of the subtle changes in your perceptions, notice how your reactivity has decreased, and most importantly give thanks!

We have found, by following these simple steps, many if not all unwanted negative emotions will be released.

Be sure to complement your rebalancing with proper rest, nutrition, exercise, loving relationships, quality mental stimulation, along with regular care such as pure and powerful chiropractic adjustments.

Wellness care is essential to being your best and allowing you to rise to your ideal state of being.  Allowing you to receive from above and within you which would bring forth what you were called to create through loving service.

To apply your chosen Resonant Blendsee below.

Personal Application

Continue to balance your priority meridian and release unwanted stored emotions. Use the action steps below 1-2 times per day or as your licensed healthcare practitionerrecommends.


  1. Place 3 drops of your priority Resonant Blendin a small shallow cup. (Preferably ceramic); a shot glass will work too.
  2. Hold up to your nose and breathe in through the nose deep and slow. Hold for 3 seconds and then slowly release the air out through your mouth. Repeat this process three times.
  3. With your right hand place your thumb and ring finger on the ESR points which are located one inch above your eyes, on your forehead. Once you have located the ESR points, dip your fingertips into the blend and apply topically.
  4. Now rub gently, clockwise for 3-5 seconds.

Sit or lie down for these next steps:

  1. Place your left hand on your heart.
  2. With your right hand place your thumb and ring finger, on the ESR points as mentioned above. Hold Lightly
  3. Close your eyes, breathe in and out deep and slow while thinking of your affirmation, (ætheric expressionlocated on bottle eg. “Connection”) for a few minutes until you feel a relaxing shift.
  4. Apply the remaining blend (in the cup) to your body as you wish and/or rub it onto a tissue or cotton ball, and keep it in your pocket, breathe in deeply throughout your day especially when you feel stressed, refocus by thinking of your affirmation.


Place 3 drops of resonant blend on a 3x3x3 inch triangular piece of cardboard and place between pillows or in pillow cover – repeat nightly with same triangle until new Resonant Blendarises.


Rub blend on neck, shoulders, chest, etc.

Sleep Well.

NOTE:  Your personal affirmation is important as it will come to you from within.  Repeating the affirmation silently to yourself will release stored negative emotions.  Let this affirmation resonate through your body, mind and heart often.

Complete Balancing of Your 12 Meridians

Holding the Mother Field

Once your specific meridian has been balanced by applying the appropriate Resonant Blendusing the techniques made available, you may move on to maintain balance of all the meridian fields using the cedar box containing all of your 12 Resonant Blends. (Cedar box was chosen specifically to aid in the grounding effect)

Preferred application:

Take a 5x5x5 inch piece cardboard, cut into a triangle, and place 1-3 drops of each blend on the triangle.  Keep it close while relaxing (or at the office, etc.)  Breathe and Enjoy!


The 12 Resonant Blends can be enjoyed throughout the home or workplace.  Enjoy the production of a safe surround and generate a sacred space, into which you can relax and enjoy deeply, your new found emotional freedom!

Alternative application:

Place 1-3 drops of all 12 blends in a small clay ceramic cup and rub on your body.


Place 1-3 drops of all 12 blends on a tissue or cotton ball and keep it in your pocket and inhale from time to time.