Dr. Robert Folkard

Bio – Dr. Robert Folkard

Dr. Robert Folkard, D.C., CVCP., graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1988 and has been a brilliant healing arts’ Practitioner for almost 30 years, and is the Clinical Director of the Chiropractic Health and Wellness Centre. (CHWC) hosts a team of highly skilled natural healthcare practitioners working together to help each patient in their quest for health and wellbeing.  The clinic motto is well deserved and appropriately stated, “Bringing Out the Best in You”!

Throughout his successful career Dr. Folkard developed a specialized method of care, The One Central Principle Healing Time Line TM; 4 specific phases of integrative, natural health care techniques, personally designed to return a patient back to exceptional health.

Included in this approach is a specialized technique designed by him, aptly named, “Body Systems Analysis”.  This extremely accurate and highly sensitive bio-energetic assessment (BSA) assesses the level of stress and functionality of your internal organs and determines health strategies to support their return to wellness.

He believes everyone needs to place a higher than “normal” value on their health. This is true with respect to our bodies, minds and hearts. Therefore, the goal of his clinical expertise and intention is to assist us to maximize our innate potential through the making of informed choices and life decisions. He knows that a person expressing exceptional health would be in position to provide loving service to their fellow man freely, without seeking personal reward or gain.  He also feels and believes that this is the key process by which personal influence would ultimately lead to a highly successful and joyful life within a peaceful and harmonized world.  Patients and friends all would attest to the fact that the care they have received at his clinic sets the standard for this central goal.

Dr. Folkard has a vision for each and every one of us.  His dedicated hope, is that through exceptional health and wellbeing, we can rise above the level of sickness, suffering, disease and death centeredness, and KNOW our purpose and LIVE IT, here and now. In this way the world and all that we are responsible for may vibrate once more with the beautiful expression that is inherently ours to give.

He is a 7th degree Black Belt and has practiced karate for over 45years.  He continues to practice on a regular basis and feels that exercise is an important part of an action-plan towards an exceptionally healthy and fulfilling life.

As a world class competitor on the barrel racing circuit and a member of the Ontario Barrel Racing Association / National Barrel Horse Association.  He also provides equine chiropractic care and directs the 114 acre Stonecroft Equine Health and Wellness Centre, which is  a natural healing and recovery centre for horses in need of intensive care, located in Granton, Southwestern Ontario.

Through being engaged in motivational speaking, thousands of people have benefitted from his lively and thoughtful, informative topics including nutrition, stress, radiant living, toxins within our environment, and lifestyle choices and much, much more.

Workshops / Seminars are offered to Chiropractors and other Natural Health Care Practitioners, on a variety of health care topics related specifically to The One Central Principle Healing Time Line and the four phases of care which includes his BioEnergetic method of assessment and muscle testing, made simple.

Being constantly engaged with the law of eternal progress, he has advanced his experience within the natural healing arts by developing many new techniques that allow all willing ones to reach and maintain an ideal state of Radiant Living.

One such technique, is the Emotional Release Technique.

The key to the success of this technique is the 12 resonant blends that both Dr. Folkard and his son Joshua developed in agreement with a highly skilled aromatherapist.