What has your heart has you. ⁣
The harmful negative oscillations (emotions) to which we refer often, are driven down into the organ systems to prevent cognitive dissonance. This protective mechanism is certainly useful in highly traumatic situations, but what happens when it becomes the norm over a longer period of time?⁣
This mechanisms override is the amygdala which is directly surrounded by the hippocampus. Neuroscience has shown that when this area is activated, it highjacks the frontal lobe (which is responsible for executive decision making). Furthermore the amygdala has direct connections to the hippocampus, which is why memory can elicit such strong emotional responses, like anxiety, because of the contextual info stored that has no logical capacity.⁣
The pre-frontal cortex is responsible for extinction of these triggered fears, however that extinction response is no longer present if the fear or anxiety becomes conditioned. ⁣
This is where the 12 Resonant Blends action is seen to have the greatest effect, for the Masterfully crafted high frequency Blends have the ability to reset the system, via the olfactory system which is DIRECTLY connected to the brain through the amygdala and hippocampus. (Exactly why scent elicits strong memory and emotion)⁣
Negative unwanted oscillations/emotions/frequencies are energetically lift up to the resonant frequency of the 12 Resonant Blends. Thus calming the nervous system. Frequent exposure is required restore the natural Resonance.⁣
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