Home Meridian Balancing

Essential oils for home meridian balancing

If you’re interested in health and wellness and alternative therapies, you’ve encountered the importance of balance within the body. If you are out of balance, in terms of mind, body or spirit, it will affect your overall health.

This is why meridian balancing is so important. Higher frequencies permeate the lower, which is why influencing the higher frequencies of the mental / emotional realms have such an impact on the physical system overall.

What is meridian balancing?

Many alternative therapy practitioners offer meridian balancing, a therapy dating back centuries that opens up the twelve energy pathways in the body, and realigning them so they are all in balance.

Essential oils have been used to aid meridian balancing, but the choice of oils has usually depended on the practitioner’s preferences, rather than testing.

We’ve done all the hard work for you and attenuated each of the 12 Resonant Blends to the specific frequency that the meridian should resonate at.

Meridian balancing at home

The twelve Resonant Blends from Aetheric Essential changes all that. We have created twelve essential oil blends specifically designed to help you restore your bio-energetic balance to each meridian pathway and the associated organ.

We’ve done extensive testing and use these blends daily in our own clinical practice. We’ve also developed a unique application protocol (method) so you can use them at home, as and when required. Our oils are also sensibly priced so everyone can access them and benefit from the highest quality essential oils at home.

Meridian-specific essential oils

Each Blend is associated with a specific meridian, and the organ associated. It’s easy to know which oil to use – it’s printed in large letters on the label! Used in association with bio-energetic testing to establish which meridian is out of alignment, and a powerful aetheric word to reinforce the long-term effect, these blends offer you the opportunity to help yourself when a practitioner may not be available.

The 12 Resonant Blends have also been categorized into seasonal focus. So if you’re uncertain which Resonant Blend to use, you can always refer to what’s currently in focus in each season.

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Just for the smell of it!

However, we know that’s not the only reason people buy our twelve Resonant Blends – they smell amazing too! So feel free to try them in our small 5ml bottles at home in an essential oil diffuser, as a massage oil (in a carrier oil), or just a couple of drops for a relaxing bath (always do a skin test first!)

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