For Chiropractic and Massage Therapy

Essential oils for chiropractic and massage therapy

  • As a professional chiropractor or massage therapist, you know the value of pure essential oils to your treatments and services.
  • You’ll also know that spending on essential oils accounts for a fair chunk of your monthly expenditure.

However, with essential oils, price is often not a true indicator of high quality.  Even expensive oils may not be pure, organic or produced without using harsh chemicals.

Purity and quality at sensible prices

At Aetheric Essentials, we do things differently. We source the finest, high quality essential oils from around the world, from sustainable wild and/or organic sources.

Our single essential oils are either steam distilled or cold pressed, to retain as many beneficial components as possible. We test them for quality, purity and also test them bio-energetically to discover their resonant frequency.

We sell direct to healthcare professionals such as yourself, at sensible and cost-effective prices.

Check our prices right now for:

Why our essential oils are such good value

We can sell our essential oils at sensible prices to massage therapy and chiropractic professionals like you, simply because we have:

  • NO expensive main street stores to finance
  • NO army of staff to pay
  • NO vast web of affiliates to support
  • NO massive marketing budget


  • NO desire to have any of the above in the future!

So you can buy superb quality, highly concentrated essential oils (and carrier oils) to use with your chiropractic or massage therapy clients. All our essential oils are:

  • Steam distilled or cold pressed for a purer product
  • Ecologically and environmentally traceable
  • Contain no artificial chemical residues from extraction processes
  • Certified free from pesticides and herbicides
  • Long-lasting and consistent in quality across batches

Our twelve Resonant Blends

These unique set of essential oil blends have been specifically designed for meridian balancing, but are also excellent for promoting wellbeing and aiding healing. They also smell fantastic too, as an enlightened fan base of massage therapists and their clients have discovered!

Benefits of essential oils for chiropractors

The art and science of Chiropractic is all about the nervous system and blockages that impede the innate flow of life thereby reducing the ability of the body to function optimally.

Often surrounding this impedance is unresolved tension that complicates matters further. Once the spine is realigned and the nervous systems flow is restored, the energetic signature of the initial imbalance has not been thoroughly reset. This results in adjustments not holding, or in worse cases not being able to thoroughly adjust what is needful to the patient due to the surrounding tension.

The use of the 12 Resonant Blends and essential oils in general aids in calming the nervous system of the clients you are seeking to assist. When specifically applied at the right time and location, the 12 Resonant Blends have shown to be a really effective support and aide to the person, allowing their mind/emotions to be removed from the resistance equation.

The blends are also categorized not only by meridian but grouped into seasonal focus, which enables the practitioner to narrow the choice down to what’s currently in focus based on the current season.

Improve your clinic’s atmosphere

Also, the regular use of these high quality oils in a clinical setting allows the surround of the clinic to be uplifted and radiant, providing benefits to the doctors and staff, as well as the people they serve!

Nothing is more attractive than a healthy radiant atmosphere, richly imbued with the high frequency oils contained in the 12 Resonant Blends.

Partner with us

We offer a range of wholesale, Partner and white label options for our essential oils and Resonant Blends. See our Partner page for details, or call us to discuss your requirements.