For Aromatherapists

Essential oils for aromatherapists

As a professional aromatherapist, you’ll know the importance of using only the purest essential oils available, to achieve the best results with your patients.

  • You’ll understand that the method of distillation and extraction of each essential oil is crucial to the retention of the beneficial components from each plant.
  • That the sourcing of essential oils from sustainable wild and / or organic sources gives you essential oils that contain zero added chemicals, herbicides or pesticides.
  • And that you only require a few drops of such pure essential oils of this quality to achieve your desired effect.

So why can’t you find the aromatherapy oils you need, at a price that’s sensible and cost-effective in your practice? Now you can, with Aetheric Essential range of single essential oils, blends and carrier oils.

High quality and high cost: not the same thing

All essential oils should be high quality. But they’re not. The market is flooded with inferior essential oils that are dilute, impure and simply don’t work as well.

However, you can’t tell quality from price alone. This is because many of the larger essential oil companies have huge overheads to support, including stores, staff, a vast affiliate system, and massive advertising budgets.

We don’t have those overheads. We source, test and blend only the finest quality essential oils from around the globe, and we sell it via our website and a handful of trusted Partners only.

So, you can buy your aromatherapy essential oils for less, without compromising on quality. Simple as that!

Compare online aromatherapy oils prices

Let’s compare some prices… as of 21/2/2019:

Aetheric Essentials lavender essential oil

Pure Wild Crafted / Certified Organic

Zero 0% Chemical / Pesticide / Herbicide

Undiluted – Concentrate

Retails at $44.04 for 30ml.

DoTerra Lavender NHP essential oil

CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade

(not certified organic)

Retails at $39.33 for 15ml.

(Prices quoted on doTerra Canada website 21/2/2019)

You do the math.

You’ll also notice that with Aetheric Essentials oils, you get more oil for your money! Our 30ml prices are only twice the 10ml price. So when you buy a 30ml bottle, you’re essentially getting 10ml free!

Essential oils at sensible prices

For your aromatherapy business, the costs of your essential oils will be a major part of your monthly costs.

So why pay more than you need to?

At Aetheric Essentials we don’t just sell single essential oils, we use them in our own Resonant Blends and in our own practice, every day. So, we know they are effective, long-lasting and of the highest quality we can source.

Try them for yourselves – you can buy as much or as little as you wish at our online shop, including our unique Resonant Blends for efficient meridian balancing.

Or call us to discuss your requirements.

Partner with us

If you like what you see, feel and smell, pop over to our aromatherapy Partner page for details of wholesale opportunities for aromatherapy practitioners, including our special white label option.