Essential Oils for Your Practice

Essential oils for healthcare practices, spas and clinics

  • As a healthcare practitioner, you know the importance of sourcing the best quality essential oils.
  • You’ll want to be sure that your essential oils are of the highest quality, being sourced from wild and/or organic sustainable sources, and handled / distilled with care and precision.
  • You’ll want essential oils in a highly concentrated form that’s perfect for use with carrier oils, ideal for use in essential oil diffusers, or for other aromatherapy-based techniques.
  • And you’ll want a reliable supplier who delivers all this (and more) at a realistic and cost-effective price.

That’s exactly what Aetheric Essentials gives you.

We source essential oils from sustainable, ethical and reliable producers in locations around the globe. We test their bio-energetic qualities, their purity, and their concentration. Only then do we release our essential oils for sale in our own online shop.

We personally use these oils, every day!

As experienced healthcare practitioners in the fields of chiropractic and emotional release techniques, we use our essential oils every day with our clients. We also use them in our unique twelve Resonant Blends, so we know precisely their particular characteristics and blending potential.

When you buy them from our online shop for your practice, you’ll know that exact oil has been diffused, diluted, applied, experienced and enjoyed by hundreds of patients through us and our Partner practitioners.

For the few, not the many

Aetheric Essentials essential oils are only sold by us direct at our own online store for our network of professional users, and through a handful of expert practitioners across Canada who love our essential oils so much they want to sell them too.

And that’s the way we like it.

  • We have no interest in selling vast quantities of our oils in main street shops, pharmacies and health shops, or via a network of commission sellers with their own networks of salespeople underneath.
  • We’re not interested in major media advertising campaigns, or discount incentives for unrelated websites and non-users.
  • All that does is increase prices to support the whole sales system, which does nobody any good.

Instead, we want you to experience the effectiveness of our essential oils for yourself within your own practice. Buy what you need, when you need it, online, for fast delivery within Canada, the US and beyond.

For US customers, all of our prices are in Canadian Dollars. So if you’re based in the US, you can enjoy a roughly 30% discount based on current exchange rates.

If you like our essential oils and blends, we can talk about how we can Partner with you to build on your success and increase your profitability through using high quality, concentrated oils that achieve the results you desire.

Call us or email us to discuss your essential oils requirements, aspirations and frustrations!

Essential oil safety

As a skilled practitioner, you’ll be aware that essential oils vary in both quality and concentration. All Aetheric Essential oils are of the highest quality and therefore many are highly concentrated. Please use carefully and in accordance with professional organization guidelines for your particular therapy or practice.

Safety issues to bear in mind

  • Essential oils should not be taken internally. Even oils from edible plants will be too concentrated to ingest in any way.
  • Use sparingly! Less is more! Essential oils are highly concentrated and take a great deal of plant material to create a small bottle of oil. 10,000 roses are used to make just 1 ounce of Rose oil. When used sparingly and stored properly, your essential oils will last longer and therefore be more cost-effective.
  • Do not store oils in direct sunlight, as this will accelerate their breakdown. Our cobalt blue bottles assist in protecting the precious oils content from the sun.
  • Use only diluted essential oils on the skin to avoid adverse reactions or sensitivity issues. Use a quality carrier oil to dilute, such as sweet almond or jojoba oil, and perform a patch test if using with a new client.
  • Some essential oils are phototoxic, particularly citrus. Advise clients to cover up oiled areas to avoid exposure to UV light and possible irritation.
  • Ensure you have a detailed medical history from each client before using oils, and review the safety precautions advised for each oil in use. If you are uncertain regarding an application, err on the side of caution, and give us a call. We are always here to help!

For more details, contact us or refer to the usage guide on each essential oil and blend we sell in our online shop.