Energizing Your Resonant Blends

The 12 Resonant Blendshave been masterfully handcrafted implementing the core essentials of mother earth.

Specifically the “life blood” of plants.  It is important to store your kit in a safe place.  Electro-magnetic frequencies, (EMFs) are disruptive.  Be sure to keep your blends and all other essential oils away from electrical appliances cell phones, cordless phones, microwaves, etc.

It is advisable to periodically energize your resonant blends.  You may choose from the following techniques or maybe you have one of your own.

First, prepare yourself.

Close your eyes, take a moment to reflect inward and/or upward.  Breathe in deep and slow through your nose and follow the air deep within your lungs.  Feel the air unite with your blood cells and flow out to every cell and tissue within you.  Hold for 3 seconds, then slowly let the air out through your mouth.  You are now centered, ready to energize your blend.

First technique:

Take a blend and hold it in your hands, maintain your hands in a cupped position until you feel that the blend is energized.

Second technique:

Hold the blend in one hand, touch your thumb tip and fingertips together on the other hand.  Slowly brush your fingertips up and down one side of the bottle until you feel the blend is energized.

If you are ambitious this next technique works very well.

Third technique:

Choose your favourite softwood tree located on your property.  Cut a limb that is dying, one that is approximately 3-4” wide.

Cut a 3” round piece about 3” thick from the limb.  Shape it into a triangle if you wish, tap your blend 3 times then repeat 4 times.  Twelve light taps in total.  Your blend is energized through the piece of wood that now has renewed purpose.

Perform the technique that resonates with you in the moment.  Change is good yet you may stay with one technique, repeat as you feel necessary, maybe every 1-2 weeks.