Emotional Release Technique

Releasing unwanted negative emotions with essential oils

In our quest for better health and wellbeing, our thoughts and emotions can hold us back. Many practitioners would agree that the most problematic component of health and healing is the mental and emotional state of the individual you are trying to help.

Essential oils for emotional and physical wellness

Essential oils can be used for a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications. They can be used as single essential oils or in specific essential oil blends such as our own 12 Resonant Blends.

Through extensive research and 30+ years of professional experience, we have discovered for ourselves the incredible ability of specific essential oil blends to enable people to release unwanted, negative emotions and memories. Releasing these emotions enables us to move forward towards a more balanced state of mind and body, and allow us to access our central core of being.

Enhancing a therapy’s effectiveness with essential oils

Through our experience we have also noticed that these in no way replace other modalities of therapy, only enhance their effectiveness. For example, in chiropractic, calming the nervous system with the use of essential oils has shown us that adjustments hold longer and are more powerful in their delivery.

Why unwanted emotions build up over time

Unwanted emotions can easily build up during our everyday lives, and unless released, can create a heavy spiritual burden. Many of us carry these burdens without realizing it, and our health and wellbeing suffer as a result.

We may seek help from healthcare professionals, but often these will prove ineffectual on a long-term basis unless they include the ability to ‘let go’ of the motions and free up our body’s natural Innate Intelligence to help us heal and move into a better state of being.

As practitioners, how can we release these stored, harmful, negative emotions from the body, mind and heart of those we seek to serve?

The Aetheric Essentials Emotional Release Technique (ERT)

This technique allows practitioners to enable patients to release these unwanted emotions that are “bottled up” inside. Developed by our Founder Dr. Robert Folkard, D.C., CVCP, it is a methodology any practitioner can adopt to help their patients release long-suppressed emotions and memories.

This technique is especially powerful because it provides a direct connection to the body’s limbic system, the part of the brain that controls your sense of smell your emotions and your long-term memories. Inhaling essential oils affects the limbic system in a direct fashion via your olfactory system (sense of smell), and ‘bypassing’ the conscious mind.

Watch Dr Folkard demonstrate the technique in his own clinic.

Or here’s the executive summary!

“With a patient, you first need to open up their nervous system and allow the Innate Intelligence to flow.

Then you should establish which of the main meridians fields are out of balance. At Aetheric Essentials, we use a deep level of bio-energetic resonance testing by connecting the innate of the practitioner with the innate of the patient. This helps us establish which median is out of balance.

You then choose the corresponding Resonant Blend essential oil to the meridian that requires realignment. By placing the oil in a shallow bowl, the patient can inhale the aroma. This allows the aroma to pass through the olfactory senses directly to the lungs. It also oxygenates and brings vital nutrients from the lifeblood of the plant into their system.

Each of the Resonant Blends has an associated aetheric word, which is printed on the bottle label. The patient should compose their own affirmation around this aetheric word and hold it in their minds during the Emotional Release process.

Using techniques from applied kinesiology, we apply a fingertip of oil to the emotional release spots above each of the patient’s eyes. If you are concerned about applying our Resonant Blends directly to the skin, use a carrier oil. (We’ve never had any issues with reactions, but it’s better to be cautious.)

While the patient focuses on their affirmation, we apply gentle pressure to the ESR (Emotional Stress Release) points, and feel the gentle pulses of the brain on either side. Gradually, both sides will synchronize, pulsing at the same time. This means the right and left brain are communicating, and the heart is starting to open up.

This facilitates the release of the stored emotional energy that gets in the way of the healing process. The body does this naturally to avoid brain overload or from cognitive dissonance. When the brain is overloaded, we cannot participate in life in a creative manner. So in order to protect ourselves, this emotional energy is stored in the organs and tissues.

As a practitioner, you will feel the release of the emotion and a clearing of the auric resonance and the meridian fields. The patient should feel a sense of release and be calm and relaxed.

The patient can apply a dab of oil to their face, chin, arms or wherever, to keep the aroma close and remind them of their affirmation all day long. We often hand them a tissue with the very last drops for the bowl to keep close, to ensure they stay centred and balanced and can release any unwanted emotions that may arise during the day.”

Emotional release and the twelve resonant blends

As you have seen, the key to the success of this technique is the 12 resonant blends that both Dr. Folkard and his son Joshua developed in agreement with a highly skilled aromatherapist.

The 12 Resonant Blends are handcrafted high vibrational blends designed specifically to release the mental / emotional discourse component that so often interferes with the natural healing process seeking to manifest within the body.

For more information, or to discuss education, training and learning opportunities around meridian balancing and ERT, please contact us.

Other uses of essential oils to enhance your therapy’s effectiveness

Diffusing essential oils in your practice can be a wonderful way to prepare your patients prior to treatment by providing a highly energetic healing surround in your waiting room.

We’ve also designed a Powerpoint video for your patients to enjoy while waiting, introducing them to the powerful healing potential of essential oils and their safe use at home, in the office or on the go!

Call us or email us for full details or to request a copy for your practice.