Aromatherapy can be defined as the art of correcting imbalances…

…in the body, mind and spirit (energy) utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences, the “life blood” from plants.

It seeks to support the unity of physiological, psychological and spiritual processes to promote the innate healing process within us.  Plants receive energy from the sun and earth and thus contain many high vibrational elements.  An example would be the key element oxygen.

Essential plant oils are highly oxygenated and thus help to control unwanted micro-organisms such as bacteria, mold and yeast.  The aromatic vapors are able to enter the cell to deliver oxygen and other micro nutrients to support optimal cell life and activity and in turn assist in the elimination of toxic waste.

When inhaled as aroma, the vaporized oil particles are transported via the olfactory membranes directly to the brain.  Oils can be inhaled directly, diffused into the air by heat or heated water, or can be diluted in a carrier oil and applied to the body.  Several healing disciplines use aromatherapy, and it has gained wide recognition as a pleasant, safe and effective modality.