Essential oils 12 Resonant Blends

The 12 Resonant Blends are a unique set of essential oil blends only available from Aetheric Essentials.

Created by Dr. Robert Folkard and 2 aromatherapists of 30+ years experience, these twelve specially formulated essential oil blends are designed specifically for bio-energetic and meridian balancing used to enhance emotional release techniques and many other healing modalities.

Why essential oils for meridian balancing

There have been a few excellent essential oils companies that have attempted to create essential oil blends to balance the meridians. In our view, none succeeded, for one simple reason.

Oil quality

Quality (high vibrational frequency) essential oils are crucial to effective bio-energetic and meridian balancing, as well as emotional release. This is due to the range of compounds and natural plant chemicals they contain.

Through integrating the art, science and philosophy of Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology, Bio-energetic Medicine, TCM, and Aromatherapy, we formulated the most pure and powerful series of essential oil blends. These are designed specifically to restore the 12 primary meridians back to their natural resonance.

Each individual oil is bio-energetically tested for effectiveness and quality, before being balanced in a hand-crafted blend by a highly experienced aromatherapist. The resulting 12 resonant blends were bio-energetically tested for perfection in a clinical setting – with amazing results!

When to use the Resonant Blends

When used in accordance with our easy to follow application protocol, each Resonant Blend will:

  • Restore bio-energetic balance to the meridian pathway and the organ contained within
  • Release stored, unwanted negative emotions, especially when accompanied by our ERT – Emotional Release Technique
  • Support health, wellbeing, and healing
  • Smell fantastic during and beyond use (everyone who smells it will ask you about it, trust us!)

Our Resonant Blends come with complete product details and protocol instruction for professional and experienced aromatherapy private users.

Buy a complete set of all 12 Resonant Blends direct from our online shop, or buy individually according to your requirements.

Our blends’ aetheric expressions

Each resonant blend links a specific meridian and associated organ with a spiritual aetheric expression. So, for example, our “Resilience” blend is formulated specifically for the spleen meridian.

The expression enables your patient / participant to engage more completely in the process of balancing their meridian field through a special affirmation that comes to them from within. Affirmations are designed to enable people to displace the negative association, while re-affirming one’s intent to heal.

Our twelve Resonant Blends are:

1 – Heart Meridian – Accordance

2 – Small Intestine Meridian – Connection

3 – Urinary Bladder Meridian – Absolution

4 – Kidney Meridian – Harmony

5 – Heart Protector Meridian – Tranquility

6 – Triple Burner Meridian – Radiance

7 – Gallbladder Meridian – Agreement

8 – Liver Meridian – Longevity

9 – Lung Meridian – Unification

10 – Large Intestine Meridian – Discernment

11 – Stomach Meridian – Exhilaration

12 – Spleen Meridian – Resilience

The Aetheric Essentials 12 Resonant Blends are ONLY available from us, and while we list the essential oils in each blend as part of our product descriptions, we keep their exact formulation a well-kept family secret!

Why 12 essential oil blends?

It is commonly known amongst healthcare practitioners that the brain is the main interference pathway towards a continual loss of health and well-being.

Yet there is also an amazing healing capacity within us that seeks to maintain harmony, balance, and perfect function while adapting to any everyday stress.

The twelve Resonant Blends are designed to help realign the bio-energetic balance and ‘re-set’ each meridian balance to be in alignment with the forces and seasons of the earth.

Winter Season

Water Cycle

Water is the symbol for truth.

The philosophy of winter is conservation and storage. A period of rest.

The water cycle is the starting point for your divine endeavors.

Spring Season

Air Cycle

Air is the symbol for spirit.

Spring is that time of year when life is invisible, waiting to burst forth – revitalization will begin! Air cycle is the time when you receive your divine template, a blueprint for what you will co-create.

Summer Season

Earth Cycle

Earth is the symbol for transformation.

Summer is the time when there is an abundance of nourishment and new growth. The earth cycle is the time when your honest actions through strong agreement begin to take form.

Fall Season

Fire Cycle

The fire cycle is symbolic of love.

Fall is the time where the Earth has fulfilled its purpose. All living things have reached maturity. Loving what you do will temper your new form into divine perfection.

Resonant blends and heart-full-ness

The 12 Resonant Blends can help you reconnect with the source of life within, a basis of the modern movement of mindfulness (or more accurately, heart-full-ness). That reconnection is enabled through using the highly energetic life-blood of the plants that were carefully extracted and balanced to perfection in the essential oil blends. Using them will uplift and restore your resonance to optimum levels. Once you return to your high resonance state, your radiance will be noticed by others and the world round about.

Want more information?

You’ll find more details on our “12 Resonant Blends” page for professional healthcare and lifestyle medicine practitioners. Or contact us to discuss your requirements and questions.